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Photo Etching: What Is It Good For?

So, if you’re familiar with our industry and our blog, you will likely know that there are a million and one things you can do with photo chemical etching, especially when it comes to consumer goods.

Mass produced parts and specialist or limited creations alike use precision etched components, not just because they are an affordable and efficient way to ensure high quality and guaranteed results, but also because the process itself is so versatile.

Whether it is fine mesh filters needed for various consumer goods or intricate metal fixtures for products with complex designs, chemical etching by  Qualitetch  fits the bill.

But for all the mass market friendly components we can (and do) create, there are a multitude of unexpected and lesser known industries and sectors out there; all of which depend on our precision etching services.

So read on to see what photo chemical etching is good for, and what sectors run on precision etched cogs.

Keeping us running”¦

Cars and other automobiles are manufactured from all manner of metal parts, and while stamping and other kinds of forming work perfectly for a chassis or bodywork, the finer components needed for hidden structural reinforcement or functioning electronic systems require something a little special.

When a fraction of a millimetre is the difference between a safe vehicle that works flawlessly, and an accident waiting to happen, you need quality and precision to the max. The same goes for aerospace, where many of the fixtures, fittings and core features of a craft’s design need to be precision etched using chemical etching processes like ours. Who would have thought; Qualitetch plays a big part in life basics like getting around.

Making some noise”¦

Metal stamping and laser cutting are popular ways to manufacture various parts and pieces of audio-visual equipment, but you might be surprised how big a role photo chemical etching plays in the broadcast and telecoms sectors.

Wires, buttons, frames, fixtures, circuit boards, speaker components”¦the list is endless, but the fact remains; photo etching is the answer. For pristine sound and visual quality, you need top notch, flawless tools and equipment. In turn, these tools need to be made from flawless components, produced exactly to spec. Cut metals and you’ll have burred edges that impair the function and end result, etch metals and you’ll have smooth lines, accurate to the nth degree.

For health and safety purposes”¦

When it comes to our health and safety, every essential we depend on relies on high-quality and ever-reliable equipment. If there is a flaw in the system, we suffer. If the powers that be can’t afford or find what they need, we are at risk. Thankfully, the affordability, reliability and efficiency afforded by photo etching means health and safety equipment of all kinds can be produced to the correct standard, every time, all the time.

The Defence industry can rely on our components for their systems, the healthcare and medicine sector know that everything from name badges to surgical tools will be perfectly formed and more than usable, and even the fuel and energy sector can count on our components to keep their alarms and safety measures running smoothly.

Of course, these few examples aren’t all that  chemically etched components from Qualitetch  are capable of, but they do give you an idea of the scope. So feel free to browse our site or  get in touch  to discuss how our photo etching process and metal forming services can help you.