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Stand Out From the Crowd

If you work in creative or manufacturing industries, when it comes to events, parties and similar occasions; there is often a lot of pressure placed on you to come up with something a little different, to think a little outside the box to garner the desired response.

For companies that are looking to impress prospective clients and notable figures at this year’s Christmas bash, or for those wanting to give out something extra special to staff that deserve recognition; then we might have something up our sleeve for you.

Utilising our  photo chemical etching  and stainless  metal stamping  process is a simple and effective way to create bespoke, unique, party invites or special award plaques, that stand out more than the cliché trophy.

Make your Christmas party one to remember when you send out metal stamped and etched invites. Not only is your invite going to be a talking point, but it will ensure that everyone who matters will be at your event, right where you need them.

Giving recognition to staff that have proven to be loyal, dedicated and of significance is part and parcel of running a business. Encouraging staff and boosting their morale remains imperative in correlation with staff retention and diligence.

Turn your invites or plaques into personalised shapes – perhaps a snowflake with engraved detail or a shining star for your employee of the year? We can use  metal stamping  to  create the shapes that you desire, and we can use  photo chemical etching  to  engrave any pattern  or design that you wish, along with any text detail necessary.

Not only are these processes highly accurate but  stainless text and logo stamping  means more detail can be added during  photo chemical etching. Chemical etching leaves no unsightly burring, so your end product is of the highest quality, smooth, sleek and a marvel to behold.

If you are interested in creating bespoke invitations or plaques for your business this festive season, or, in fact, any of our other  etching processes  or services, then please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.