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Make a Lasting Impression with a Metal Exhibition

In the business world, it is essential that you stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a fancier website and more competitive prices than your competitors, or an all singing, all dancing and attention-grabbing display at a conference or exhibition; the more you stand out (for all the right reasons), the better.

Now, some people will use bold colours and bright lights to attract an audience, with lots of printed materials, interactive digital displays and brand-saturated premises. But what can you do differently?

Well, while they’re all calling moths to a flame, you can go after the magpies.

Yes, contrary to the popular belief that warm and varnished, or shabby-chic and distressed woods are the best style statements for businesses, a shiny metal display can truly work wonders.

How can you justify the time it would take for an artsy employee to design a statement piece for every department, exhibition, or hallway though?

Moreover, how do you justify the financial outlay you’d have to commit to if you commissioned someone to make a sculpture or display from scratch?

Do you spend your weekends rummaging through scrap metal or getting your team to shred their limbs cutting sheet metal under the guise of team building?

No. You come to with a design (or designs) in mind, let our studio translate your vision into a stunning rendition, complete with component templates, and our chemical etching experts will create all the pieces of your puzzle.

You can opt for something detailed and  delicate, like a butterfly or floral display for the company courtyard, or perhaps you’d prefer something abstract and  contemporary  like fractals and optical illusions. And if your business prefers subtlety and minimalism, you can always look at  barely-there structures,   like a mesh-brick structure.

Once all the separate components are produced, no matter how delicate, intricate or complex, we can offer forming and finishing services too, or you can take your creation as it comes and construct it yourselves.

The process couldn’t be simpler and the effect it will have will be second-to-none. When it comes to  chemical etching,  there really is no limit to what you can do in the realm of bespoke and artistic work.

So why not  get in touch with the team here at Qualitetch  today? You can talk us through your ideas and designs, and we can use or experience and expertise to help bring those ideas to life in a way that gives your business a 21st-century personality, as well as an air of creative professionalism.

We look forward to your call!