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What Do I Do with My Qualifications?

It’s that time of year again”¦

Did you leave school, finish college or graduate from university this summer? Did you start out with a clear focus and somehow lose your conviction halfway through your studies or the closer it got to Results Day? Maybe you never really knew exactly what you wanted to do with your qualifications, you just knew what you enjoyed studying…

Whatever the case, you might want to think a little outside of the box, and consider a career in metal component manufacturing, just like the team here at Qualitetch.

As one of the world’s leading metal component manufacturers, we are a reputable and respected name, and you’d be surprised by just how many disciplines can thrive here.

Despite first impressions, you don’t need to be a metalwork marvel to work in metal component manufacturing, especially not with a diverse company like ours.

We have a space and an appreciation for all subjects and disciplines, from art and design to engineering and chemistry. You see, we offer so many different services and there are such varied but crucial stages from start to finish in every project, that a chemist is just as important as a sketch artist, and a CAD-CAM pro is just as vital as a metal forming visionary.

If you’ve got a degree in chemistry but you really don’t fancy the idea of teaching a rabble like the class you belonged to back in school, why not work on perfecting the chemical solutions that are so essential to our photo etching process?

You’ll need to know a thing or two about acids, alkalis, reactions and the properties of various metals, including how they react with certain chemicals and chemical cocktails. Plus, you’ll never be bored because every project and requirement is different. So when you think you’ve got your chemical recipes all in a row, an alloy will show up, or someone will throw in a different tolerance, and you’ll have to go back to the drawing board.

And what about all of you artistés and photographers? Are you wondering what on earth you can do to put your creative skills and college classes to good use? Well, aside from creative projects and exhibitions of your own, how about working in our studio or our development department?

Your art and graphics capabilities will be much appreciated in our studio, where you will have to adapt, amend, edit and perfect our clients’ sketches and electronic drawings. Sometimes you’ll even have to start from scratch, creating your own interpretation of what their brief says. It could be jewellery designs, it could be corporate branding and logos, or you could find yourself designing components for other people’s sculptures”¦the possibilities are endless.

As for the photography enthusiasts out there, your technical knowledge and expertise will work wonders in our photo etching development room, where a firm understanding of how photography, photoresists and dark room development will stand you in very good stead.

Of course, engineers and metalwork students are invaluable to us here at Qualitetch, because it’s you who drives the business and brings the fantastic designs to life in a way that is practical, but still just as the client envisaged.

Are you always dreaming of bigger and better things? Great stuff! We’ll gladly indulge you”¦

Visionaries like you, whatever your discipline, will help take Qualitetch and its industry from strength to strength.

We are always on the lookout for better, smarter, more efficient ways of doing things. So if you have a diploma in chemistry or maths but you’re a daydreamer by trade, you may well have found your new favourite place.

So why don’t you look around our site, find out what metal manufacturing services we offer, and get in touch to discuss your options and learn more about our industry?