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How To “˜Steel’ The Show For Your Big Day

Weddings seem to come with increasingly higher expectations as we move forward with the times. Compared to simpler times years ago, they seem to be getting bigger and even more extravagant; not to mention expensive!

Between some groups and communities, weddings tend to become quite the contest; to see who spends the most, has the biggest dress, hosts the classiest venue, serves the tastiest food, exhibits the best service and entertainment, and has the flashiest car or even the largest number of guests.

Not only that, but everyone wants something that little bit different, be it for fear of copying someone else or the desire to be unique. A highly exclusive day that will always be remembered is what a large percentage of people look for.

Not many, however, think about that initial ”˜wow’ factor before their big  day, when their guests are initially notified of and invited to their special day.

Wedding invitations; where it all begins.

But how diverse can you go? Wedding Cards; aside from various colours and card qualities, designs and fonts, are all the same, right? Wrong.

How about using steel instead of  card? Something that will prove both pleasantly surprising to your guests, and also give them a keepsake memory of your big day?

Yes, you read that right; steel etched wedding invitations! Using  photochemical  etching, Qualitetch  can help you create bespoke wedding invitations your friends would be envious of.

Qualitetch is a well-known metal component manufacturing solutions provider of precision etched components, designed to the bespoke requirements of our customers’ needs.

For more information on the  photo etching process, give the friendly team at Qualitetch a call today to discuss your requirements, and to see how your idea can be transformed into a metal memento that will last your guests a lifetime.