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13 November 2014
New Investment for Year 2014
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Award Nomination for Sophie

Congratulations to Sophie Hunt, our apprentice Quality Assurance colleague who was recently put forward and nominated for the David Bretton award by the college of West Anglia where she has been completing her studies in engineering. The college wrote the following letter to us, for which we are all very proud of her:

“I am honoured to nominate Sophie for the David Bretton Award. Throughout her Level 2 Engineering studies, Sophie has consistently demonstrated exceptional commitment, talent, and leadership, making her a truly deserving candidate. From the outset, Sophie impressed with her unwavering dedication to the course. She tackled both practical and theoretical work with enthusiasm and rigor, consistently producing work of the highest standard. This dedication paid off, culminating in her achieving a distinction in her end-of-program assessment – the highest grade ever achieved by a student on this standard. This remarkable achievement is a testament to her exceptional understanding, strong work ethic, and commitment to excellence. But Sophie’s impact extends far beyond her individual accomplishments. She actively supported her peers by offering guidance and encouragement, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Her willingness to share her knowledge and expertise helped others excel, creating a positive and supportive atmosphere for everyone.”

Congratulations Sophie from the Qualitetch team!

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