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Summer Has Landed

The sun is shining, and the clouds have parted, it’s official: summertime has landed here in the UK.

Now, we’re not entirely sure just how long it’s going to stick around so you’re going to have to make the most of it while you can. Dig out your sunglasses (you’ve been waiting for this day to come since last year), and dust off the BBQ. Alternatively, meet your nearest and dearest and head down to the beer garden to plan your next summer festival adventure!

Whatever your summer plans are, chances are you’ll be so caught up in the joy and elation that the sun is shining that you’ll forget to stop, take a minute and consider the work that has gone into you being in this time and place. This is where we fit in.

Here at Qualitetch, we provide a whole host of metal working services including component forming and  sheet metal enclosures. Both of  these services are instrumental  in crafting your summertime essentials and paraphernalia to remind you of the things you get up to.

Your Sunglasses – Take a good, hard look at your sunglasses. Those carefully designed frames are moulded precisely to fit your face and are held together by tiny screws and joints. Components like these, are crafted by technicians like ours.

The BBQ is a staple piece of cooking equipment for anyone who enjoys sunshine and al fresco dining. From the screws that hold your wheeled kitchen machine together, to the metal grill and the all-important lid to lock in that smoky BBQ goodness – all of these things are manufactured using similar processes and make use of  sheet metal enclosures.

The umbrella in the beer garden; the metal font that your cold, alcoholic beverage is poured from, the tent poles you use for camping – we could go on! There are so many other elements that utilise these processes that are familiar to us, but the general public is unaware of this, which is the beautiful nature of our industry.

With our range of bespoke metal working processes providing complete solutions for so many industries and trades, the parts and components that we manufacture will be used in items that are used on a daily basis.

Should you have any questions about the sheet metal enclosure process or any other service that we provide, please do not hesitate to  contact us.



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