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Copper is helping kill superbugs!

Copper Etching

Researchers have discovered copper can play a role in eliminating healthcare associated infections. Copper and its alloys show antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Laboratory and clinical trials around the world have shown the benefit of copper and its antimicrobial properties.

The benefit of chemically etching copper can mean we can produce parts that can help keep people healthier.

Antimicrobial copper is the term referring to over 400 copper alloys including bronzes, brasses and copper-nickels.

To explain how this happens –

Copper ions (electrically charged particles) release when microbes are transferred or land on the copper surface.

The ions prevent cell respiration, punch holes in the bacterial cell membrane and disrupt the viral coat, destroying the DNA and RNA it contains inside.

This means that no mutation can occur which prevents a resistance to copper developing. This means copper has a continuous antimicrobial action and remains effective after natural oxidation and repeated wet and dry abrasion. Copper is also not harmful to people or the environment and is completely recyclable.

As a global concern of antimicrobial resistance and the deaths caused by healthcare-associated infections it is a great development in scientific research and knowledge.

The environmental protection agency (EPA) has now certified over 400 alloys as “antimicrobial copper” which makes it easier to get hold of alloys with antimicrobial properties for metal component production. For any of your copper component manufacturing needs why not try Qualitetch as they offer various processes and services for the production of metal components in most metals.

Sectors that require a more “sterile” environment such as medical, electronics and aerospace can benefit from chemically etched copper components. This can also help components used in mass transit, food and hospitality keep the mass population healthier and protected from “superbugs”.

If you would like more information on how we can help you produce your antimicrobial components via the chemical etching process please call us on 01354 658787 or email us at