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Which Sectors Make Use of Photo Etching?


In the world today, pretty much everywhere you look you are sure to find a product which has some kind of etched materials in its manufacturing process. In fact, it’s highly probable that parts of the device you are reading this blog on were created using the metal etching process!

The Metal Etching Process

Almost all electrical manufacturers rely on the metal etching process to produce quality materials in order to not only make products but also to ensure their safety. Photo etching is one of the most popular methods used to manufacture small metal pieces due to its accuracy, speed and price – as an all-around process, few others come close.

Laser cutting is a much more expensive alternative to etching yet is also a slower process, meaning that companies can easily be paying out more for a less efficient service, putting deadlines at risk.

Photo chemical etching is also very flexible  thanks to the materials that are used in the process, including a wide range of sheet metals.Once the etching process has been finalised, results are accurate to within 0.010mm and are stress and burr-free, unlike other traditional methods.

Everyday Uses

Following the etching process, etched components are then used in some of the most common of everyday items, such as your television, mobile phone, games console, hairdryer, heater, and much  more. The list really does go on and on, highlighting the importance of photo chemical etching and the high-quality results the process produces.

Photo etching produces a plethora of metal components used in the aforementioned items, such as brackets, fuel cells, elements, washers and much more. While these parts do not immediately strike you as pivotal pieces to the puzzle, without these components, there is no end product.

Etching for Businesses

In conclusion, what can appear to be a niche manufacturing process actually opens the door of opportunity to a wide range of sectors. Although businesses may not carry out the actual photo etching process themselves, many of the components are made by utilising the metal etching process.

Often, bespoke parts are required for specialised projects which call for more than standard components – manufacturers with tight deadlines require a quick turnaround. Laser cutting, dependent on the size of the component, can take the best part of a week; photo chemical etching can produce large volumes in as little as 24 to 48 hours without compromising on quality.

For more information about the metal etching process and the services we can offer you, please get in touch.

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